2018 LCBA Meetings Schedule

March 19, 2018: John Hutchinson – Spring Hive Management

February 19, 2018: Rick Sutton – Making hive splits

March 19, 2018: John Hutchinson – spring hive management

April 16, 2018: Shannon Trimboli – Nectar flow

May 21, 2018:  Sarah Preston – varroa mites

June 18, 2018: Ray Tucker- honey extraction

July 16, 2018: Doug Brock – using essential oils in beekeeping, and Dorothey Morgan – equipment

August 20,2018: Hive inspection – LCBA members and nominating committee appointment

September 17,2018: Laura Rogers – Fall Hive Management

October 15, 2018: Annual Pot Luck Dinner and election of officers

Venue: Pulaski County Extension Office, 28 Parkway Court, Somerset, KY 42503. Doors open at 6pm, when beekeepers are encouraged to join in on informal discussions about their bees, and to address any problems they may be experiencing. A brief business meeting will be held at 6.30pm, followed at 7.00pm by a beekeeping-related educational topic. All LCBA meetings are free, and members of the public are welcome to join in.