LCBA Meetings and upcoming events

LCBA meeting May 15, 2017

The May 2017 LCBA meeting is all about hive inspections and caring for our bees. Beth Wilson from the Pulaski County Extension Office, along with Mike Wooton and David Gilbert of LCBA, will conduct a hive inspection of the Extension Office beehives, starting at 5.30pm, The hive inspections constitute the final session of the 2017 Beginner Bee School. Thereafter, the regular LCBA business meeting will commence at 6:30pm, followed by general discussion and synopsis of the hive inspection. All Bee School class members are welcome to attend, and to take this opportunity to meet up with local beekeepers.


LCBA meetings are held on the third Monday of each month, January through October.

January 16, 2017: Winter feeding. Presenter: Ray Tucker.

February 20, 2017: Double screen boards with two queens. Presenter: Rick Sutton/Brandon Sutton

March, 20, 2017:  Spring hive management and swarm prevention. Presenter: James Foster

April, 17, 2017:  Swarms. Presenter: Bobby Goodin

May, 15, 2017:  Hive inspection at Pulaski County Extension Office, Presenter: Beth Wilson.

June, 19, 2017:  Honey Harvesting. Presenter: Mike Wooton

July, 17, 2017:  Queen management for fall requeening, Presenter Larry Burton and/or Dorothey Morgan

August, 21, 2017: Fall management. Presenter: Laura Rogers

September 18, 2017: Pest control (small hive beetle, varroa mites). Presenters: Pat Rizenbergs and Mike Gomes

October 16, 2017: LCBA Fall banquet.

(Topics and presenters subject to change)

Venue: Pulaski County Extension Office, 28 Parkway Court, Somerset, KY 42503. Doors open at 6pm, when beekeepers are encouraged to join in on informal discussions about their bees, and to address any problems they may be experiencing. A brief business meeting will be held at 6.30pm, followed at 7.00pm by a beekeeping-related educational topic as shown in the schedule above. All LCBA meetings are free, and members of the public are welcome to join in.

Reports on the presentations given at the 2016 LCBA meetings were published in the monthly  LCBA newsletters. Click here to access the newsletters.