LCBA at Wolf Creek Eco Day 2016

A team of LCBA members gave a presentation on bees and beekeeping at the Wolf Creek Fish Hatcheries in Jamestown, Kentucky on October 21, 2016. The occasion was the Wolf Creek Eco Day, and the LCBA presentation was one of 8 stations set up for all of the Grade 4 pupils in Russell County. Over 200 students attended, along with their teachers. This was a wonderful occasion for LCBA to share their knowledge and enthusiasm for bees and beekeeping with a very attentive young audience.  A further report on this event appears in the November 2016 LCBA newsletter.


(Above) Beth Wilson, center in yellow shirt, introduces the team’s presentation


Children were eager to have a look at a partially-drawn deep frame


Pat Rizenbergs explains the bee lifecycle


Hilary Forsyth demonstrates how a sheet of foundation is inserted into a medium frame


Mike Wooton holds a drawn medium frame filled with capped honey


The LCBA team at Wolf Creek. (l-r) Beth Wilson, Ray Forsyth, Mike Wooton, Pat Rizenbergs, Hilary Forsyth. Imants Rizenbergs took the photo.