May 2017 LCBA Meeting

The next LCBA meeting will be held on Monday, May 15, 2017. Starting at 5:30pm, there will be an inspection of the hives at Pulaski County Extension. This inspection constitutes Session 6 (the final session) for the Beginning Bee School students. LCBA members are invited to attend, and to assist students at the hive inspection. Thereafter, the regular LCBA business meeting will commence at 6:30pm, with a general discussion and synopsis on the hive inspection at 7:00pm. Bee School students are welcome to attend, and to take the opportunity to meet up with local beekeepers.

Help Fight the Mite!

From Dorothey Morgan, President, Kentucky Queen Bee Breeders Association Inc.:

“I am working on a project with Dwight Wells from Heartland Honey Bee
Breeders Co-op. We are checking on hives that have survived without
treatments or that are longer than 5 years without requeening.”

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