Swarm removal

Do you have a bee swarm on your property in the Lake Cumberland region? Contact one of our experienced beekeepers for swarm removal. The bees will be collected safely and transported to a working bee apiary. These beekeepers act in their private capacities. LCBA is not responsible for their actions or any work done by them.


Name                                   Home #                   Mobile #                 General area

Greg Barron                                                    606-875-6765          Southern Pulaski County

David and Bill Begley                                       606-872-2389          Ferguson

Larry Burton                      606-871-7745                                        Nancy area

Kathy Campbell                 270-343-5697                                        Russell County, near dam

H.E. Beaver Corder II        606-305-4848                                        Science Hill

Dan Crockett                    606-678-8338            606-224-9433      Somerset

Don Davis                        606-219-5090                                        Bronston area

Rob Edwards                   606-875-8309                                        Somerset

Bobby Goodin                                                    606-416-7141     Eastern Pulaski County

James Mills                      606-305-4780                                       Somerset

Dorothey Morgan            606-871-7300                                       Western Pulaski area

Ray Tucker                     606-679-5257            859-221-1994    Somerset

Beth Wilson                    606-305-6647                                       Nancy area

Michael Wooton              606-492-5228                                      Science Hill