Swarm removal

Do you have a bee swarm on your property in the Lake Cumberland region? Contact one of our experienced beekeepers for swarm removal. The bees will be collected safely and transported to a working bee apiary. These beekeepers act in their private capacities. LCBA is not responsible for their actions or any work done by them.

Name                              Phone                        Area of Residence

Bobby Goodin              606 416-7141              Eastern Pulaski County

Dorothey Morgan        606 871-7300              Western Pulaski area

Beth Wilson                 606 305-6647              Nancy area

Ray Tucker                  606 679-5257, (cell) 859-221-1994    Somerset

Dan Crockett               606 678-8338, (cell) 606-224-9433    Somerset

Larry Burton                606-871-7745             Nancy area

Greg Barron               606-875-6765 (cell)     Southern Pulaski County

Kathy Campbell           270-343-5697             Russell County, near dam

Don Davis                   606-219-5090              Bronston area

Rob Edwards              606-875-8309              Somerset

Mike Wooton              606-492-5228               Science Hill

Beaver Corder           606-305-4848

James Mills                 606-305-4780

Bill Begley                  606-872-2389              Ferguson