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Interested in learning more about LCBA?

Anyone is welcome to our monthly meetings…you don’t have to be a member. You can also call our group’s president Roger Baird at 606-341-0939;  or vice-president Mike Wooton at 606-423-4048 or cell 606-491-5228;  or email LCBA direct at

LCBA members are available to share their knowledge and expertise, and to promote our local beekeeping community.

  • Swarms: Do you have a bee swarm on your property in the Lake Cumberland region? One of our experienced beekeepers can assist you with swarm removal. The bees will be collected safely and transported to a working bee apiary. Click here for a list of local beekeepers who are prepared to collect swarms, and their area of operation.
  • Mentors: Contact us if you are looking for a mentor to help you with your beekeeping.
  • Learning about beekeeping: Are you interested in learning more about beekeeping, but not sure where to start?
  • Honey: Are you interested in purchasing local honey from one of our beekeepers?

Contact us with your beekeeping-related queries, and we will be happy to help.