Photos of LCBA events and outreach projects

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Earth Day in Somerset on April 23, 2017

LCBA members hosted a display table at the recent Earth Day event in Somerset. They had plenty of information to share with visitors about bees and beekeeping, including the LCBA teaching hive and a hive box filled with frames in various stages of development. They even had a real frame of honey on hand to give visitors to the display an idea of just how much honey bees store in their hives.

Earth Day 2017. LCBA members Cindy Robinson (l) and Pat Rizenbergs at the LCBA display table.

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Welcome to the 2017 Beginning Bee School Class

The first class of the 6-session Pulaski/Lincoln County Beginning Beekeeping School was held on February 9, 2017. The first class was presented by KY State Apiarist Dr. Tammy Horn Potter with a presentation on Honey Bee Biology.

LCBA presentation at Wolf Creek, October 2016

A team of LCBA members gave a presentation on bees and beekeeping at the Wolf Creek Fish Hatcheries in Jamestown, Kentucky, to all of the 4th Grade pupils in Russell County..


Busloads of Russell County Grade 4 pupils start to arrive at Wolf Creek Fish Hatchery.

LCBA meeting July, 2016

Dorothey Morgan and Ray Tucker described their experiences at the recent Heartland Apicultural Society meeting held in Bowling Green. Pat Rizenbergs demonstrated the use of a refractometer to measure the moisture content of honey. And there were honey samples to taste and compare, plus a delicious honey and goats cheese appetizer made by Pat Rizenbergs.

Pat Rizenbergs (left) and David Gilbert (right) chat with Carola and Jim Cason at the July LCBA meeting

LCBA meeting June 20, 2016

In addition to the regular business meeting held on June 20, 2016, members attending enjoyed a demonstration of a flow hive as well as a demonstration on uncapping and extracting honey.

Ray Tucker uses a spiked roller to pierce cappings on a honey frame


LCBA returns to Wolf Creek for the Longest Day of Play on June 18, 2016

Young visitors to the event were eager to share their knowledge of honey bees with LCBA members Mike Wooton and Beth Wilson

LCBA at Wolf Creek Earth Day event on April 23, 2016

LCBA's table at the Wolf Creek Earth Day celebrations. (l-r) Hilary Forsyth, Wolf Creek Environmental Education Specialist Moria Painter, Ray Forsyth, Mike Wooton and Beth Wilson

LCBA hosts bee exhibit at Somerset Community College Earth Day celebrations on April 17, 2016

Pat Rizenbergs welcomes visitors to the LCBA display table

Phil Craft guest presenter at LCBA April 2016 meeting

LCBA President David Gilbert with guest presenter and former KY State Apiarist Phil Craft

KY State Apiarist Tammy Horn addresses LCBA March 2016 meeting:

KY State Apiarist Dr Tammy Horn

Pat & Imants Rizenbergs’ 2015 honey harvest:


2015 Beginning Beekeepers School:

2015 Beekeeping School

2015 Earth Day at Somerset Community College:

2015 Earth Day at Somerset Community College

Collecting a Swarm:

Collecting a Bee Swarm

Installing Nucs:

Nuc Installation