Collecting a Swarm

Bees swarm in early summer, as a way of increasing their population. Left to their own devices, a swarm of bees will soon take off to find their own new home in the woods. A feral swarm has little chance of surviving in our area, so beekeepers catch the swarms and install them in a hive in their bee yards.

swarm-with-apiary-in-background-(1)A small swarm of bees hangs on a low tree branch near the apiary

2015 President David Gilbert Inspecting a Bee Swarm

2015 President David Gilbert found this swarm in a small pine tree

Bee Hives Ready to Swarm Anytime

Bees gather in front of a hive, ready to swarm anytime soon

Collecting a Bee Swarm

This bee swarm gathered on a fence post while scout bees flew out to find a suitable new home. The beekeeper is preparing to collect the swarm by brushing the bees into an empty hive body